Friday, July 17, 2009

Guan Eng: MACC must bear full responsibility for Teoh's death

DAP condemns the mysterious death of Teoh Beng Hock in the MACC Selangor HQ in Shah Alam today. The MACC must bear full responsibility for this death as Teoh was in the custody of MACC when he fell from the 14th Floor of the Selangor MACC building.

MACC should stop its political persecution of PR, especially DAP leaders and members, that does not serve the interest of fighting corruption or justice. Such political games have caused the loss of life of a bright young idealistic DAP member.

There must be a full investigation on how he died. Unless MACC can clear its name, the public may suspect that Teoh was mistreated and MACC had a hand in his sudden death. There must be full transparency and accountability. DAP extends its condolences to Teoh’s family for this tragic loss and assures them that all steps will be taken to ensure that the culprits or those responsible be punished.

Lim Guan Eng
DAP Secretary-General & Penang Chief Minister
George Town
16th July 20009


wataniahhero said...

Beng Hock, Malaysian will always remember you.....

Ng said...

Beng Hock, even though I've just known of you in the last few days, I knew you were a great guy :) I'm sad really, I cried after I read your story... I want justice for you. I want those who have ill-treated you be treated a million times worse. . . even animals have more sense than these kind of people. Sighs, I hope your wife will be strong enough to stand on the ground, stronger than ever. Beng Hock, it does and will not just end here, ever. The people will continue to fight for you... fight for justice and truth. I believe in karma. And those racist beasts will face their ill fate one fine day. Rest in peace, my friend.